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Children's Parties...

Since 2019 we have been offering children's crepe workshops as a fun, creative way to celebrate your child's birthday or just host a party! The workshops are fun, interactive and allow the children in attendance to make, cook and fill their crepes in whatever way they wish, each child will also leave with some additional crepe batter to enjoy at home. Party bags/gifts for each child in attendance can also be arranged.

The Essential Information:


In order to guarantee safety we only allow suitably aged children to go near the hot plate. Children using the hot plate do so one at a time and are under close supervision at all times. Only electric hot plates are used as there is no naked flame. Le Flip Creperie has the final say in which children may use the hot plate depending on age, behaviour and other variables.


The workshop usually lasts up to around one hour from start to finish, this does not include the time for the children to sit and enjoy their crepes. We will usually arrive around 1 hour before the workshop begins and leave 40 minutes after, once the cleanup is complete. Any additional requests or planned interludes for party games or similar may increase the workshop duration.

How it works:

Upon arrival each child is sat at a station containing: apron, bowl, whisk, batter ingredients. From there the workshop will begin and the children will make their batter following step by step instructions. Once all children have made their batter they will cook* their crepes (this may be done by our staff for safety reasons). Once the crepes are cooked the children will put their own toppings on from a wide range of tasty, sweet treats!


We've undertaken an enhanced DBS check from the date which we began offering these workshops. If any potential customers would like a copy of this please ask, we will not be offended and are happy to send you a copy to all potential customers. We also encourage parents to join in the workshop fun and maybe even have a go themselves!

How it works:

  1. Contact us today to tell us your location, ages of children, number of children and date of the event.

  2. We will get back to you with our availability and a quotation for the service.

  3. If you choose to proceed we will ask for some more details and begin to prepare for your party.

  4. On the day of the party you can sit back & relax or join in the fun! We will take care of all aspects of the crepe workshop and leave no mess or rubbish behind.

  5. Any extra details or requests communicated to us in advance of the party will be well received and actioned as best as possible on the day!

All aspects of the day from menu choices to the workshop schedule are fully customizable.

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We travel to you, covering Shropshire & the Midlands! 

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